Spell Box - Success
Spell Box - Success
Spell Box - Success

Spell Box - Success

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The Success Spell is used for any area in your life you desire success and stability.

It can aid in your growth as a person, confidence, good fortune, help you to embarking on a new career, a new project and if you are seeking a promotion or a raise. 

The success that you may feel like you are lacking could be the breakthrough you need by practicing this spell! 

Included is the Success box and the spell which was written by an amazing witch that is gifted in many ways.  Whilst the spell was being printed the printer was having visions.  It is so mystical and powerful.

We have the items for the spell in the store for you purchase if you don't have them.

Length: 8.6" 
Width:  15"
Height: 3.5" 

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