Recharge your
Soul, Mind & Spirit

Open your mind to alternative ways of healing

We created Witch Way for people who are looking for spiritual clarity and guidance. Whether you're dealing with obstacles, seeking connectivity to the spiritual world or wanting to live a more fulfilled life, we have something for everyone.

About Us

Witch Way was established in 2018 by Teena Montgomery.

From a young age, Teena knew she was deeply spiritual and gifted, she's always been intuitive and has early memories of connecting with the spiritual world.

Teena has been doing energetic healings and intuitive psychic readings for many years now. In 2018 she registered the name 'Witch Way' as it came to her from spirit and she knew it would be used in the future.

She has always had a passion for something greater and a desire to help people on their path to spirituality.

Witch Way has since become Teena's passion & her heart and soul. She wants to share what she has learnt with everyone and help them on their own spiritual journey.

Our Magickal Spell Boxes

Take your Magick to an even greater level with our powerful Spell Boxes. Each spell is exclusively created by our own Witch Way Witch and hand crafted by us.

You can practice the spells in the boxes, buy them for yourself or gift them to your loved ones who share the same passion for Wicca as yourself.

Take yourself on a journey that will reconnect you to the other world and release your inner Magick.

Your One Stop Shop For Spiritual Healing

We aim to help people connect with their inner spiritual selves through: Manifestation, Tarot readings, Psychic Readings, Holistic Healings, Workshops, Crystals, Salts, Dolls, Candles, Herbs and Rituals.

Rather than just selling items, our goal is to build a community and sense of lifestyle with a view to help; heal, grow and guide people through difficult times in their life and explore their own spirituality.

Use candles to

Manifest Your Future

Candles are an integral part of Manifestation & Spirituality.

Burn them during rituals, to release energies, clear spaces & create manifestation.

Shop Candles
Sourced Worldwide
Handcrafted by us

We have a wide range of herbs
which have been hand picked by our Witch Way team from trusted suppliers all over the world.

Herbs are an ancient magical tool, used for decades in Wicca practices for spiritual healing and cleansing of energy.

Our herbs are designed to be burned in rituals to release intent but also have a lot of ancient medicinal & beauty benefits.