Spell Boxes

Take your Magick to a higher level with our powerful spell boxes.
Each spell is exclusively created by our leading Witch Way Psychic and handcrafted in mystical spell box.
Each spell is one of a kind, enchanted and very powerful.
The use of a spell box is to bring you closer to your Wicca senses and to have all the Magick tools contained in one place. 
You can practice the spell yourself, gift them to someone who shares the same passion for Wicca or needs some motivation, success, love, happiness and some magick in their lives. 
Take yourself on a journey that will reconnect you with your higher self and release your inner Magick!
Remember to always implement a pure heart, positive energy and good intent for all your spells.
Everything comes back threefold!!!
All of the items for each spell box have been sourced worldwide and can be purchased separately in store or online.