Energetic Healings and LED Smartlux High Intensity

Energetic healing is a treatment that involves the transfer of energy channelled from the universe entering your mind body and soul via the aura (human energy field) while raising the spiritual vibrations of that person. It encourages self healing by relaxing the body and releasing / removing the build up of tension, stress, anxiety and worry.

What you can expect at a healing session:
We have a beautiful healing room that will make you feel super relaxed and comfortable! You will be laying on a bed.
Healers attune to the healing energy and the energy is channeled (usually through the healer’s hands) on and around your body.
Who can be helped?
Anyone! Many people carry around unhelpful energetic burdens, such as; anger, stress and/or fear which can be reduced / removed by an energetic healing.

What do people experience during healing?
A beautiful flow of energy all over your body.
You can also experience the below sensations;
A force like sensation coming to the surface and then being released.

Below are some feelings you may experience after your session:
Reduced pain
Deep inner peace
Relieving burdens
Alleviation of physical symptoms
Sudden release, crying

LED option available using SMARTLUX with your healing

LED is a great add on treatment to your healing for all skin and body areas, it can be used for pain as well as skin rejuvenation.  

SMARTLUX is a phototherapy device which stimulates cell reproduction by using specific wavelength to promote skin recovery. SMARTLUX adopts medical SLDs (Super-Luminous Diodes) unlike other devices to generate high intensity for better clinical benefits in various ways. Therefore, its efficacy is much superior to others and verified by multiple research papers.

• Increases circulation
• Wound healing
• Post procedure recovery
• Acne reduction
• PDT therapy

Please note: No specific outcome can be assured as the Healers act merely as a channel to the healing energy. Our healers take into account your wellbeing throughout the whole process and even after to ensure you practice self-healing and self-love to maximise your results. Depending on each individual a certain amount of sessions may be required to see improvement, especially for those with long-term conditions.
Teena is the Creative Director of Witch Way. She is an energetic healer with psychic abilities and actively practices White Witch Craft and is very intuitive. Her passion for the spiritual world has aided her abilities to become stronger to heal, remove blockages and realign Chakras.
During her healings, Teena will get to know you and your reason for attending the session. This way she can gain a better sense as to why you are there and what you may need during your healing. After Teena has assessed, she may use a range of items such as crystals, burn herbs and candles to achieve a certain energy that is specifically catered to you and your needs. She may also use tarot or oracle cards as a tool to gain an insight of your situation. This will aid you in your healing in order to achieve fulfilment in the session.