Business Cleansing

Business cleansing is a service we provide if you feel that your space needs to be cleansed of certain energies. You may have an existing premises or be moving into a new premises, office and having experiences that can’t be explained. Such as; unexplained noises, smells, loss of income, disgruntled staff or just a feeling that is unsettling. If you wish to shift current energies that are stagnated in your premises a cleanse may be just what you need.   
It’s very important that there is always a good flow of energy in rooms where many people are constantly attending. Businesses such as offices, restaurants, hotels, childcare, schools, hospitals, therapy rooms and beauty clinics would be the most beneficial for us to remove the energetic disturbances.
What is included:
- A consultation before the cleansing begins
- A spiritual / energetic cleansing of your premises performed by Teena our own White Witch of Way Witch with the use of energetic channelling, crystals, candles and herbs
- The cleansing takes approximately 1 – 2 hours to perform (time varies depending on the situation and size of your premises)
A clearing may be required if you are experiencing any of the following:
- Financial impact
- Feeling of a presence
- Unexplained noises and smells
- Persistent fatigue and exhaustion
- A change in your health and wellbeing
- Mental and emotional stress
- Increased conflicts
- Occurrence of negative thoughts
- Productivity blocks
- Business difficulties …etc
What you may experience after the clearing has been performed:
- Success and pleasure in working in the office
- Increase in abundance / business turn over
- Calmness in the office
- Sense of contentment and less stress
- Success blockages removed
- Staff working more productively
- Positive thoughts
- Energy flowing freely
  - Harmony between work colleagues
Home Clearing may be requested and performed at our discretion.
Enquire by emailing
Please provide your location, why you are needing the clearing and the approximate size of your building you wish to clear.