Psychic Readings


A psychic reading can be an excellent way to gain some perspective and guidance for/of a particular situation. A psychic reader will help you recognise the key factors influencing your success and happiness and what you can do about it.

Psychic readers can provide you with valuable information regarding your life, to help guide you to make the right decision. Whether it’ll be, direction for your career or you want to evaluate the options in your love life then a psychic reader can direct you down the right path. 

What you can do before your reading:
Write down the questions you want to ask your reader. You can meditate before your reading to get in tune with your higher self. This will aid in the reading as your vibrations will translate more powerfully. Try to be relaxed and not nervous, our psychics are extremely friendly and will ensure you feel at ease! 

During your reading interact with the reader to keep the energy flowing and be prepared for answers you always sought and for the unexpected.

We offer our readings in-store and online! Giving you the option to enjoy this experience in the comfort of your own home. Our readers offer different methods in order to contact you with the way that your prefer. Make sure to fill out the required information at checkout when booking in!


Teena is the Creative Director of Witch Way. Teena was born gifted, she is an energetic healer, has psychic abilities, very intuitive, mediumship and actively practices White Witch Craft. Her passion for the spiritual world has aided her abilities to become stronger the more she practises her crafts.

With over 30 years of experience Tegan fell in love with tarot at a young age and ever since then she has developed a deep connection with her cards and bonds with them more and more over time.
She has a deep intuition  for predicting the future and has helped many clients who were confused, stressed and lost. In her reading if she receives a message for you from a spirit, she will relay that to you before, during or after the reading.

“I love reading for others, as it gives me great joy to be able to assist you by giving you a sense of direction and putting you at ease. From time to time, we all get a bit sad, lonely or confused and need some guidance. I am here for you."

With over ten years’ experience as a light-worker and psychic medium, Naomi has always been clairsentient and eager to help illuminate pathways for people. She became familiar with her gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance from a very young age, connecting with her ancestors and spirit guides while still in school. Her gifts as a medium became stronger as she healed her ancestral wounds and soon was able to receive messages from other’s passed loved ones as well. 

Naomi uses traditional Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards, Word cards, Picture cards as well as her own handmade cards. Her readings have always been what she calls “heart-centred” and focused on the querent’s healing journey. She connects with the querent’s Higher Self and Spirit guides for loving guidance and healing. Quite literally, all questions are answered succinctly. 
Naomi has a lot of experience exploring themes such as spiritual growth, past life healing, romantic relationships, career and finances, physical and emotional health, navigating through big life changes and essentially just unpacking the truth regarding anything going on in your life.
"Doing psychic readings is definitely my main passion in life. I am so eager to share my gifts with the world. I am happiest when I am actualising my sacred role as the conduit, the messenger, the channeler. To be able to channel information and guidance from higher realms to assist my fellow souls here in the third dimension is truly a blessing!"