Candle - Love, Vanilla & Caramel (black)

Candle - Love, Vanilla & Caramel (black)

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Light the Love Vanilla & Caramel candle and with the scent of the candle invisage yourself being and feeling loved.

Teena has performed a ritual for each candle, they are suitable for any home, office or special place you desire.

These candles are an amazing way to bring Love into your life. 

The scent is beautiful and lasts throughout the duration of the candle.

Two sizes available:

Wax Quantity: approx. 180 grams
Glass Weight: 296 grams
Burn Time: approx. 33 Hours (coconut, soy wax)


Wax Quantity: approx. 400 grams
Glass Weight: 527 grams
Burn Time: approx. 63 Hours (coconut, soy wax)