Protection Gridding

 Our Protection Gridding can be used in your home or office and includes crystals; Black Tourmaline, or Black Obsidian, Selenite and Rock Salt. 

The combination of these crystals together is the perfect barrier to protect you from negative energy and bring peace within your environment.  Helps protect you and your space from, negative energy, negative thoughts and emotions.
Black Tourmaline protects you against negativity, its energy deters from radiation, while heightening physical well-being and nurturing your emotional stability. 
The crystal will enhance self-confidence and reduce fear.  Tourmaline also attracts compassion, assists open-mindedness and wealth. 
Selenite is a protective crystal that has a calming, angelic aura within your home.  It supports a peaceful atmosphere. 
Rock Salt is used to grid your space as it is a powerful barrier against unwelcome entities.  It shields the area and prevents any negativity from entering your space.
How to Use:
  1. Clean your space of any clutter
  2. Smudge sage across your space, especially where you feel you have stubborn negative energy.
  3. Sprinkle Rock Salt on the bottom of the glass dish
  4. Place three Black Tourmaline crystals and one Selenite
  5. Place each glass dish within the four furthest corners of your space
  6. Say a positive affirmation that will make you feel safe and content within your space.
    Example; “I am now protected within my home/space, I only welcome positivity and love within my home/space.”