[DUMMY BLOG] New Moon Rituals

When first dabbling in the world of spirituality, the word ritual can sound pretty daunting! However, the reality is, rituals should be enjoyable, easy and something that you look forward to each day, week or month. You likely already perform a number of rituals on the daily without even being aware of them; your morning coffee, a daily walk, brushing your teeth or sitting and reading the morning news. The difference between your daily rituals and your more intentional spiritual rituals is the ability to create portals to sacredness and access information from our higher self, that we ordinarily can't access in day to day life. 

Truth is, rituals can be performed whenever you feel like it, but for most of us our busy lifestyles unfortunately aren’t conducive to an elaborate daily self care regime that includes rituals.  So the New Moon (and also the Full Moon) create a consistent marking in time that helps to keep us accountable to the inner work and our spiritual health and wellbeing.  

The New Moon is just as much of an energetically potent time to honor and celebrate as the Full Moon is.

Every 29.5 days the Moon returns to the start of her Lunar Cycle and this is what we call The New Moon. During this time the moon is not visible to the human eye and if we were still living in a time without electricity, we would be able to notice that the night sky is a lot darker than usual. Historically, our ancestors used this darkness as a time to stay home physically (because of the lack of light) and also a time to stay home mentally. This is why in a modern day world the new moon represents a time for us to go inwards.

At a scientific level this phase of darkness occurs as the sun and the moon meet and become invisible to the eye. This intersection creates an extra gravitation pull on the earth, which is so powerful it creates a change and a shift of the Ocean tides.
At a metaphysical level, the combination of the sun and the moon meeting creates an extra spark in the cosmos, which triggers a shift in our subtle energetic bodies. We can use it to propel us forward in the direction of our hearts truest desires. Or, we can utilise the extra energy to create a change in a new direction.

Just as the theme of each New Moon is different, each month depending on what star sign the moon is travelling through, your ritual might change depending on what your body needs at that particular time. Let your intuition guide you, be playful and remember you can’t get it wrong. The most important element is your intention and carving out the time for yourself, even if it is just 5 minutes.

Before you begin, it is always a good idea to take a moment and cleanse your space, create your temple where ever you are and then ground yourself by deepening your breath.....

Chuck on some emotive tunes, grab your pen and paper and just let the words flow. Even if it makes no sense, in fact even better, just go with it! Journaling can be a great way to help understand and uncover how you’re really feeling in the moment.

Even if it is just a few deep breathes in and out, take the time to be still and notice the inner landscape of body and mind. Have no expectations and just allow yourself to listen to what is unfolding.

The element of water is representative of cleansing, clearing and also rebirth. So, taking a bath infused with crystals, essential oils and flower petals can be a decadent New Moon ritual cleansing any energetic weight that you've been carrying. If you don’t have a bath, no worries, grab a bucket and place your feet in the water... it's just as powerful!

Stop waiting for others to buy you flowers and make it a New Moon ritual. Set yourself a monthly budget and then create a ritual out of ordering yourself or choosing your New Moon flowers. Let your florals be in your space as a reminder that you were born to blossom and bloom.

Turn to your crystal collection and let your intuition guide you towards a particular Rok. Sit with this crystal against the body and ask for guidance. Finish by programming the crystal with your intentions for this New Moon.

Fire is the element of transformation. Therefore, by creating a ritual that includes fire on the New Moon you are igniting your inner flame to create momentum or change for yourself. Buy a candle that is specifically your New Moon candle and only light it once a month, watch the flames as you do your inner investigation or let the flame flitter away in the background as you journal.

Clear some space, pull out your favourite deck of guidance cards and let the spirit world guide you towards some home truths.

These are just a few different ways to create a New Moon ritual, maybe you start with just one, or perhaps you dive in deep and indulge in the whole lot? Or perhaps you start to listen to the whispers of your own heart and create your own.