Point Crystal Pendulum- Sodalite

Point Crystal Pendulum- Sodalite

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Sodalite quietens the mind and pulls you into a state of deeper meditation and opens up your spiritual perception. Known as a truth stone, it is an aid in communication of your thoughts and feelings. Sodalite also works in balancing your third eye chakra.


A crystal pendulum is a tool that is used for spiritual guidance, receiving answers and clearing negative energy. 


How to use a pendulum?

Once you have your chosen pendulum, connect yourself with the crystals energy feeling it flow through you. A pendulum can only give you clear answers if you ask it direct yes or no questions. Hold the end of the chain letting the weight of the crystal dangle infront of you. First you must ask "what is yes?" and "what is no?" paying attention to the direction the pendulum moves with each answer. Once this is done you are ready to use the pendulum as you wish.